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  • Stronger than Cancer

    Spending Valentine’s Day in Oahu, Hawaii, probably sounds like a dream to many people. Beautiful beaches, warm sunshine, balmy breezes and world class sunsets all work together to make this one very romantic locale. However, my circumstances were neither convenient nor romantic. My husband and I were there so I could begin my nine-month treatment plan against breast cancer.
  • Enter the Green Dragon

    U.S. Air Force Airmen from Kadena Air Base, Japan, conduct a post-attack reconnaissance sweep during Exercise Green Dragon Feb. 9, 2017. The purpose of the PAR sweep is to check for any chemical contamination or unexploded ordnances after a simulated attack. Realistic training and exercises, such as Green Dragon, maintain Kadena’s priorities, such
  • In it to win it

    A U.S. Air Force F-15 Eagle assigned to the 67th Fighter Squadron taxies on the flightline Feb. 2, 2017, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. The F-15 Eagle is a vital asset to maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific Region. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Lynette M. Rolen/Released)
  • Suit Up

    U.S. Air Force Airmen pick up Mission-Oriented Protective Posture gear during an exercise Feb. 7, 2017, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. In the event of an actual chemical attack, Airmen must be able to quickly and efficiently acquire all essential MOPP gear and equipment in order to complete mission objectives. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class
  • HIMAR blasts off

    United States Marines from 5th Battalion, 11th Marines, from Camp Pendleton, California, are deployed to Camp Hansen, Okinawa, and trained with 17th Special Operations Squadron members by loading a high mobility artillery rocket system Jan. 23. The HIMAR system is a self-propelled artillery piece with a rocket pod on the back that shoots rockets and missiles. It is easily utilized allowing for rapid operations, according to U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Ryan Crider, 5th Battalion, 11th Marines HIMAR crew member.
  • Behind the scenes

    Skylie Carreno, Ryukyu Middle School student, tries on an oxygen mask onboard an E-3 Sentry Jan. 27, 2017, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. Ryukyu Middle School students were invited to the 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron Squad to learn about their mission on Kadena Air Base. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Omari Bernard/Released)
  • From Point A to B

    Every day government vehicles are used to get to and fro on Kadena. Airmen are constantly on the move – using these vehicles to transport flying aircraft, move munitions and maintain the infrastructure of the base.
  • Caring, community, corps

    Biomedical Science Corps members from the Kadena Air Base clinic participated in an all-call with U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. James H. Dienst, Director of education and training at the Defense Health Headquarters, Falls Church, Virginia, through a virtual conference, Jan. 24, with other BSC members world-wide. January 23 - 27 is BSC appreciation week; an opportunity for members of the medical community to gather and discuss their tactics, techniques and procedures.
  • Stop and go

    U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Dyllan Jones and Airman 1st Class Wesley Johnson, 67th Aircraft Maintenance Unit F-15 Eagle crew chiefs, maintain an F-15 Eagle Jan 10, 2017, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. Kadena Air Base is home to the U.S. Air Force’s largest combat wing. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Omari Bernard/Released)
  • Pounding away barriers

    Kadena Teen Center Keystone Club members joined Okinawa City junior high school students to participate in a Let’s Learn English, Mochitsuki ceremony, Jan. 21 at Koza Music Town, Okinawa. The Let's Learn English program is organized by the Okinawa City Chamber of Commerce and Kadena Top 3 Okinawa Outreach to provide a culture and language exchange between Okinawan and American teenagers.
  • Serving the troops

    U.S. congressmen meet with U.S. service members during a meet-and-greet Dec. 20, 2016, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. The congressmen discussed quality of life and answered service members’ questions about their respective states. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Omari Bernard/Released)
  • Surging above expectations

    U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Marcus Leonard, left, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief, and Airman 1st Class Moises Leos, right, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron fuels distribution operator, refuel an F-15 Eagle during surge operations Jan. 11, 2017, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. During this particular surge, the 67th Fighter Squadron
  • Precision Guided Partnerships

    Approximately 30 members of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force ordnance school visited the 18th Munitions Squadron Jan. 11, gaining insight as to how U.S. ordnance units operate. The visit allowed ordnance school students, who specialize in logistics and supply, to learn about the U.S. munitions functions and units on Okinawa, while strengthening the U.S.-Japan security alliance and to provide regional peace and stability.
  • All systems go

    Airmen from the 67th Aircraft Maintenance Unit specialize in the systems of the F-15 Eagle.
  • Can you hear me now?

    The jungle floor is slick and damp, making traversing the terrain markedly difficult, especially when you are not only attempting to evade opposition, but also recover personnel. Survival, evasion, resistance and escape specialists and deployed aircraft ground response element team members from the 353rd Special Operations Group, members of the 17th Special Operations Squadron aircrew and Marines from III Marine Expeditionary Force practiced for real world personnel recovery operations, Jan. 6, 2017, at Camp Hansen, Japan.