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  • Prepare now: Emergency Management, typhoon season

    Have you ever wondered who keeps Kadena Air Base safe through planning, preparing, responding and recovering from hazards? The 18th Civil Engineer Squadron’s Emergency Management Flight is tasked to do just that. Here on Kadena, one of the most prominent hazards EM prepares for yearly is typhoons, explained Senior Airman Tristen Kientz, a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives craftsman from the 18th CES.
  • 718 CES survey innovate build

    The 718th Civil Engineer Squadron, Execution Support, conducts surveying, mapping and damage assessment for Kadena. Working to provide guidance to decision makers on how to optimally innovate the construction for Kadena.
  • 31st RQS: search rescue swiss army knife

    Embodying the motto “that others may live,” the 31st Rescue Squadron’s mission is to make sure anyone in need of medical care, regardless of the location or situation, will make it out safe and sound. Being called upon to save lives under varying circumstances means the 31st RQS must be ready for any scenario and capable of a multitude of skills.
  • EOD hosts IED training

    The 18th Civil Engineer Squadron Explosive Ordnance Disposal flight conducted a training event to hone their skills in responding to wartime Improvised Explosive Devices at Kadena Air Base, Japan, May 26-27, 2021. The exercise simulated a deployed jungle environment, with an emphasis on conducting IED response operations.
  • Airfield Management: ruling the runway

    The Air Force is sometimes thought of as being made up of pilots and planes, but without a working runway, the mission stalls. Enter Airfield Management, guardians of the runway, their objective: ensuring a safe environment for aircraft to take-off and land.
  • Reaching across flights in the pursuit of safety

    In 2020, the Air Force Medical Readiness Agency, began investigating whether there was possible exposure to carcinogens for personnel working with fighter jets, specifically to hexavalent chromium, a carcinogen created out of regular chromium. As a consulting agency for all of the Pacific Air Force, the Theatre Prevention Medicine Flight out of the 18th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron, were tasked to assist with the research.
  • 18 EMS conducts inspections

    The 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron conducts inspections for the weapons systems on the F-15C Eagle. The inspections includes equipment maintenance for racks, launchers, guns, pylons, and adapters.
  • Kadena’s AGE Flight — Jack of all trades, masters of rust

    The mission of aircraft maintainers depends heavily on the equipment they use to perform their duties being properly treated for the environment they’re in and having it all readily available for daily usage. The Aerospace Ground Equipment flight, part of the 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron, ensures that all AGE is inspected, repaired and given preventative protection on a regular basis.
  • 18th MXG volunteer to RATE their health

    Airmen from the 18th Maintenance Group are taking a new technological approach to track their physical wellness and health by wearing smart watches and rings that’ll alert them if they’re becoming ill. The 18th MXG, represented by 500 volunteers, is one of the only OCONUS participants besides Guam to be involved in the Rapid Analysis of Threat Exposure study conducted by the Defense Innovation Unit Research Program. Through the study, service members are able to detect illnesses such as COVID-19, up to 48 hours before the onset of symptoms.
  • 18 AES medical training

    The 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron conducted a medical training flight with KC-135 Stratotankers. The 18th AES uses these exercises to stay ready for any medical situation, ensuring mission success through practice and preparation.
  • SERE specialist teaches Water Survival Training

    Survival, evasion, resistance and escape specialists teach many survival courses for aircrew members year round. The fighter pilot focused water survival training course presents pilots with different scenarios they could face when landing with parachutes in water.
  • Innovation meets excellence

    The grand opening of the Kadena Innovation Lab, a groundbreaking workspace equipped with cutting edge technology and a network of subject matter experts, was held at Kadena Air Base, Japan, May 12, 2021.
  • Breaking down barriers, building connections

    Airmen from across the base gathered at the Erwin PME Center auditorium to listen to resiliency stories during a Storytellers event hosted at Kadena Air Base, May 6, 2021. Unlike other resiliency events, the Storytellers event allows people to tell their stories and spark interpersonal connections as it’s taking place.
  • P3DT supports families, mission readiness

    The PACAF Pediatric Psychological Developmental Team, established at Kadena in 2019, is a force comprised of three medical professionals – a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, a child psychologist and a child psychiatrist. This team has one goal: ensuring children and their families remain healthy, so Airmen can stay mission-ready.
  • Airmen, Marines implement ACE concepts

    U.S. service members from the 18th Wing, as well as Airmen from Misawa and Yokota worked in conjunction with Marines during an Agile Combat Employment exercise at Kadena Air Base, Japan, the week of May 3, 2021. During the three-day event multiple units such as the 18th Wing Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant Flight, the 44th Aircraft Maintenance Unit Ghost Flight and the Marine Wing Support Squadron 172 participated in implementing and testing several different ACE concepts.