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  • FARP Tryouts Test Airmen for Special Operations

    Forward Area Refueling Point (FARP) team members held their biannual tryouts for 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron Airmen at their fuels compound Jan. 17, 2020. Airmen of the 18th LRS petroleum, oil and lubricant (POL) flight bear the responsibility of refueling aircraft for hundreds of sorties at Kadena Air Base, and FARP assists with Air Force Special Operations refueling around the world.
  • AMUs compete for the Load Crew of the Year

    The 18th Aircraft Maintenance Unit conducts the annual weapons load competition at Kadena Air Base, Japan, Jan. 17, 2020. Weapons load crew competitions are held each quarter and annually in order to boost morale and highlight superior performers among the load crew teams. (U.S. Air Force photo by Naoto Anazawa)
  • Hawaii Reserve Citizen Airmen help keep power on at Bellows

    Reserve Citizen Airmen assigned to the 624th Civil Engineer Squadron here provide real-world support at Bellows Air Force Station during a unit training assembly Jan. 25. The work provided an opportunity to accomplish needed equipment maintenance support while performing hands-on upgrade training for mission readiness.
  • A life well lived...

    As the sun dances across the room, glaring off the origami hanging from the ceiling, Dennis Provencher looks upon his framed photo and world record certificate of recognition with pride while explaining to the service members how and why he earned it.
  • Airman uses video games to bridge language gap

    Staff Sgt. Benjamin Raughton, a photojournalist stationed at Kadena Air Base, sits at his desk at the 18th Wing Public Affairs office. Some mementos sit atop a shelf above him: a line of hand-held video games. Today, his job is to make sure a batch of photos are properly edited. “Public Affairs is like a lake that’s five miles long and three inches deep,” says Raughton. “You learn a little bit about a lot of different things. I do everything form writing articles, producing photo and video content, public relations, and web design.”
  • 18th Wing, joint partners execute first WestPac Rumrunner exercise

    More than 60 aircraft and 300 personnel from the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine Corps participated in 18th Wing’s first WestPac Rumrunner exercise Jan. 10, 2020. With the evolving security environment in the Indo-Pacific and to further support a safe and secure region, the 18th Wing spent months designing WestPac Rumrunner as an exercise to train counter air capabilities and strengthen joint interoperability. In addition to air tactics and joint interoperability, Airmen were charged with ensuring continuous airpower by using tactics derived from Pacific Air Force’s agile combat employment concept of operations, or ACE.
  • Tinsel Town delivers snow, festivities to Okinawa

    It doesn’t normally snow in Okinawa, but once a year Tinsel Town brings the magic of the holiday season to Kadena Air Base. Tinsel Town, held this year, is an annual event in which the local community and service members get together and share the holiday spirit with music, food, theme park-style rides, and even snow.
  • Out of the Box

    U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Sophia Hayner knew in her heart she was struggling and didn’t want to be alive. Despite her suicidal thoughts, she triaged her mental state enough to take action.
  • MFLC stands by to listen

    Military life can create any number of challenges for service members and their families, which can only be made worse by being stationed overseas, away from friends and family. The military has a variety of resources to military members and their families to help work through tough times. The Military Family Life Counselor program is one such resource.
  • フォロワーから友達へ:嘉手納基地日本語ツイッターのフォロワーの皆さんが基地見学ツアーに参加

    嘉手納基地-アルコール探知機、リサイクルセンター、ゴーカート、MC-130JコマンドⅡ。これらの共通点とは? 正解は、嘉手納基地見学ツアーに参加した35名以上の皆さんが目にした物です。参加者の皆さんは同ツアーを通じて、嘉手納基地第18航空団による飲酒運転防止への取り組み、環境管理、地元機関との連携、世界レベルの航空力について説明を受けました。
  • DAGRE ensures force protection during Gryphon Pacific 20-1

    Deployed Aircraft Ground Response Element operations are an essential part of the expeditionary basing concept. Special operators are able to go anywhere and establish an airfield in order to bring in forces, refuel, rearm, and continue the mission wherever it’s needed. The purpose of Gryphon Pacific 20-1 was to employ lethal, agile, resilient forces throughout the Indo-Pacific area of responsibility. This was accomplished by conducting long-range expeditionary basing operations within a high-threat environment.
  • NCO Bilateral Exchange: Growth through connection

    This holiday season Team Kadena hosted the 2019 NCO Bilateral Exchange program Nov. 15 – 22, 2019, on Kadena Air Base, Japan.
  • 8 tips for mental wellness during the holidays

    Holidays are times of enjoyment, but can also bring many stressors. The 18th Wing Mental Health Clinic offers simple, practical advice to help Airmen and their families have a safe holiday season.
  • Anytime, Anywhere: Gryphon Pacific 20-1 challenges Special Operators

    The purpose of the Gryphon Pacific 20-1 was to exercise the 353rd Special Operations Group’s ability to employ lethal, agile, resilient forces throughout the United States Indo-Pacific area of responsibility. Airmen hailing from Kadena Air Base, Japan, and assigned to the 18th Wing and 353rd SOG, conducted detailed planning and executed a complex mission with multiple different tasks.
  • Kadena Innovators compete for AF-level honors

    Members from the 718th Force Support and the 18th Communications Squadrons partnered to develop the Personnel Records Analytics System (PRAS), which was named as one of two PACAF Spark Tank nominees to compete at the Air Force level. PRAS is a data analytics tool commanders can use to pull, real-time data on evaluations and decorations. PRAS, a web-based application, completely automates the administrative data analytics process.