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  • 67th AMU arm Kadena's Eagles

    Weapons load crew members from the 67th Aircraft Maintenance Unit download munitions from an F-15C Eagle during a mission-focused training exercise.

  • 18th LRS, 909th AMU keep KC-135 mission ready

    18th Logistics Readiness Squadron fuels distribution operators prepare a fuels truck to refuel a 909th Air Refueling Squadron KC-135 Stratotanker during routine 18th Wing readiness training at Kadena Air Base, Japan, March 4, 2022. The training is designed to evaluate Kadena’s ability to fulfill its

  • 18th MUNS exercise TARRP abilities

    The 18th Munitions Squadron demonstrates Tactical Air-munitions Rapid Response Package capabilities during a routine wing readiness exercise.

  • 18th LRS conducts routine training

    U.S. Airmen from the 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron prepare to measure the weight and dimensions of objects during a routine training exercise at Kadena Air Base, Japan, March 3, 2022. The training is designed to evaluate the base’s ability to fulfill its mission in support of the U.S. alliance

  • 18th EMS ensures 961st AACS AWACS is mission ready

    U.S. Air Force maintainers assigned to the 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron inspect the left wing in-board flap of an E-3 Sentry assigned to the 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron during a routine 18th Wing readiness training at Kadena Air Base, Japan, Mar. 1, 2022. U.S. Airmen across the globe

  • F-35A’s conduct integrated air operations

    U.S. Air Force F-35A Lightning II's from Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, take off at Kadena Air Base, Japan, in support of integrated air operations, Feb. 21, 2022. The F-35A’s deployment to Kadena Air Base signals the continuing effort to refine the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command's warfighting

  • 33rd HMU ensures safe landings during 18th Wing exercise

    The 33rd Rescue Squadron provides combat search and rescue capabilities to aid in exercises and real-world operations in the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command area of responsibility. During the routine exercise, Kadena Airmen are conducting training activities to hone technical skills and enhance the base’s

  • 18th LRS supports mission focused readiness exercise

    Team members from the 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron helped U.S. Air Force Airmen gather individual protective equipment and gave them a personnel deployment function brief during a mission focused readiness exercise at Kadena Air Base, Japan, March 1, 2022. Similar routine training is conducted

  • ATC stay ready during routine exercise

    Air traffic controllers with the 18th Operations Support Squadron monitor the airspace and airfield during a two-week wing readiness exercise to ensure a safe and efficient flow of traffic in and out of Kadena, helping America’s airpower reach the farthest corners of the globe.

  • 18th Wing Capabilities Demo

    Wing readiness training is routinely conducted at U.S. Air Force bases across Japan and around the globe to ensure U.S. Airmen's readiness to respond to a range of potential contingencies.

  • Fueling bilateral interoperability

    U.S. and Japanese Airmen routinely train together to enhance bilateral interoperability in support of the defense of Japan while securing a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

  • Readiness training kicks off at Kadena

    Kadena participates in a variety of routine training exercises throughout the year to maintain a consistent high standard of readiness and expertise.

  • 44th AMU maintains F-15 readiness

    The 44th Air Maintenance Unit maintains F-15C Eagles on Kadena Air Base, Japan, Feb. 17, 2022.The F-15C Eagle uses its high engine thrust and low weight ratio to maintain superior maneuverability in the air.

  • 909 ARS fuels interoperability with joint training

    In a joint training mission that included refueling U.S. Marine Corps F-35B Lighting II aircraft assigned to the Marine Fighter Attack squadron 242, the 909th Air Refueling Squadron used the drogue-and-probe method of aerial refueling to practice real-life refueling capabilities.