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  • Loads of Fun; 44th AMU takes on 67th AMU during annual competition

    U.S. Air Force colonels load munitions onto an F-15 Eagle during the Chiefs versus Eagles Weapons Loading Competition Jan. 3, 2018, on Kadena Air Base, Japan. Each team had to load one AIM-9X heat seeking missile to the aircraft as quickly as possible. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Micaiah Anthony)
  • Coalition in the classroom

    Every day, Team Kadena strives to build and improve relations with their partners in the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. Whether it’s through joint training operations in the field or bilateral exchange programs in the classroom, the two militaries work side-by-side to foster a stronger, more cohesive partnership
  • World’s Greatest MOC

    U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Mart Angelo Gatchalion, 18th Maintenance Group Maintenance Operations Center board controller, updates the flight status of aircraft undergoing maintenance Dec. 19, 2017, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. The 18th MOC maintains the Air Force’s largest combat wing at Kadena AB and ensures Kadena AB’s fighters are ready at
  • Rise of the Machines

    U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Michael Tripp, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron aerospace ground equipment journeyman, repairs an MJ-1C aerial lift truck Dec. 18, 2017, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. Each week, members from the 18th EMS AGE routinely perform their job in Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) gear to maintain readiness no matter
  • An 18th Wing holiday greeting

    During this holiday season, I would like to say thank you to every member of Team Kadena for the sacrifices and dedication to the mission you show each day for our country and our alliance with Japan. Your brave actions show our continued commitment to peace and stability in the Pacific.  I want to say a special thanks to our spouses and families
  • Maximizing partnership and interoperability

    Over the last week, U.S. and Republic of Korean Forces across South Korea participated in an annual bilateral exercise, Vigilant Ace-18. The exercise focuses on interoperability within the alliance between the United States Air Force and ROK Air Force.Although this is an annual exercise, two major differences this year were the participation of
  • Ready, aim, fire!

    Training for the right moment is paramount to maintaining our position as the world’s greatest Air Force. On this day, like any other in Okinawa, a distinct sound can be heard after walking through the door at Combat Arms.
  • Testing our ability to stand up

    In the midst of the Vigilant Ace-18 exercise, some may be asking why Gwangju Air Base? As Republic of Korea Air Base, Gwangju is usually a ghost town for United States Forces. Kunsan or Osan, both U.S. air bases, would have been much more accommodating and easily inhabited for a tiring week of exercising.That’s just it though, Gwangju offers an
  • All the stripes

    When two buses filled with chief master sergeants and thevice commander visit a unit, it is either a very good or a very bad thing.Fortunately for the senior master sergeants they met, they brought positivenews.A total of 11 Kadena senior master sergeants were selectedfor promotion to chief master sergeant. All available chiefs and Col.
  • Never stop improving

    Team Kadena Airmen discussed ways to improve work center processes and reduce waste during a Continuous Process Improvement Course Nov. 6 through 17 here.
  • Rescue Fest 2017

    A member of the 31st Rescue Squadron provides rides to attendees of the 2017 Rescue Fest, Nov. 18, 2017, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. Airmen demonstrate rescue capabilities of the 31st and 33rd Rescue Squadrons during Rescue Fest, an annual event held to educate members and their families on rescue tactics. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Quay
  • Ride the lightning

    U.S. Air Force 1st Lt. David Moore, 34th Fighter Squadron F-35 pilot, goes through pre-flight procedures Nov. 16, 2017, at Kadena Air Base, Japan. The F-35A provides the warfighter unprecedented situational awareness and the required survivability to fight and win in highly contested environments. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Greg
  • Tasers, tears, teamwork

    When it comes to bonding, few things bring people closer than shedding tears together. Whether those drops fall from a shared moment, sad movie or a bit of military grade pepper spray, the effect is the same: one will have someone to pick them up, dust them off and tell them they’ll be okay.
  • Ready to launch

    A U.S. Air Force F-35A Lightning II from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, taxis for take-off at Kadena Air Base, Japan, Nov. 7, 2017. The F-35A is deployed under U.S. Pacific Command’s theater security package program, which has been in operation since 2004. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Omari Bernard)
  • Facing your demons

    Airmen, friends and family from across the base gathered at the Weekenders Lounge to listen to stories of their fellow Airmen during a Storytellers event Oct. 30, 2017.