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  • Why participate in special observances?

    The futuristic cartoon, "The Jetson's" first aired in 1962, depicting a modern utopia chocked full of technology. Today's technology is creeping closer to "The Jetson's" with inventions such as cars that park themselves and automatic dirt-sensing vacuum cleaners; but are we developing our human relations at the same rate? As a whole, human
  • Standards and discipline key to excellence

    "Be tough! Set your standards high and insist that your people measure up. Have the courage to correct those who fail to do so!" ~ Retired Gen. Louis L. Wilson Jr., Former PACAF commanderHave you ever been a part of an organization that earned an "Outstanding" rating from the Inspector General? Have you ever been assigned to an organization that
  • Japan disaster through first responder's eyes

    It was both a rewarding and humbling experience to assist, even in a small way, with the tsunami recovery efforts on Honshu. For Americans that experienced the impact of Hurricane Katrina, we felt we could sympathize with the Japanese and we wanted to help in any way possible. I think I can speak for all rescuers (from the 31st and 33rd Rescue
  • Memorial Day: Remembering our heroes

    Airmen and their families who live and serve in the Pacific are surrounded by tangible reminders of the legacy of preceding generations. Our command's headquarters still bears the scars left by enemy weaponry during the attack on Hickam and Pearl Harbor that brought America into World War II. On Guam, monuments to the fierce fighting of that era
  • Giving thanks to America's finest on Memorial Day

    (As a former White House staffer who served in the administration of President George W. Bush, I spent nearly four years commuting to Washington D.C., while my Air Force spouse was answering duty's call outside the Beltway. I wrote these sentiments several years ago while on a flight leaving Atlanta a few days before Memorial Day. The sentiment
  • Recognize your people

    As I prepared to take command of the 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron at Kadena, I tried to arm myself with as much advice and as many ideas as I could in order to help ensure our squadron's success. One of the best pieces of advice came from the book, "Sharing Success Owning Failure" by Brig. Gen. David L. Goldfein, the director of Air and Space
  • Happy Holidays from PACAF leadership

    With the holiday season fast approaching, Chief Master Sgt. Brooke McLean and I and the entire HQ PACAF staff and our families want to offer a sincere thank you to the entire Pacific Air Forces team--military, civilians and family members--who have enabled continued success for our command in the Asia-Pacific region in 2009.This time of year allows
  • How to Ace the UCI

    In preparation for the Unit Compliance Inspection and Aircrew Standardization and Evaluation Visit in August, the 18th Operations Group received a Pacific Air Forces staff assistance visit inspection. During the visit, I was reminded of some lessons in military inspections that I have learned over the years, and a few I had to relearn. The last
  • Are you “In Equilibrium?”

    As a two-time squadron commander, I have seen more than my fair share of Airmen and families that have gotten their lives out of balance in various areas. This loss of "balance" or "equilibrium" has caused marriages to fail, career plans to take a nose dive, physical health to deteriorate and even led to the tragic loss of life. This is a great
  • Embrace the paranoia

    For those of us fortunate enough to fly Air Force aircraft as a primary or secondary duty, there is a familiar and common feeling that we tend to get just prior to takeoff. It's characterized by equal measures of excitement, focus, and heightened awareness, with just a bit of paranoia thrown in. That paranoia can be a pilot's best friend and it's