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  • Unleash your inner dragon

    In a few months, the weather will be warmer, flowers will bloom and the beaches will fill with sun worshippers. Another sign that spring has come will be noticeable at Naha Port, where the air will be filled with the sound of cheering spectators and the rhythmic beat of a metal gong. Those sounds mean one thing: Okinawan dragon boat racing. This
  • Don’t be afraid to ‘knock it off’

    Every mission is urgent and important in today's leaner Air Force. Whether you are generating aircraft on the flight line or processing CAC cards at the FSS, normal day-to-day operations can sometimes seem overwhelming. But you routinely press forward, complete the mission, and prepare for another day. From your first day in uniform, you are
  • The Airman's Creed: living the warfighting ethos

    Just when you finally learned the words to the Air Force Song, along comes the Airman's Creed. You've lip-synched it at military ceremonies from awards to retirements to changes of command. You may ask yourself: What does it mean? Why is it important? Do I really need to know all the words? The Airman's Creed was first introduced April 18, 2007
  • Remembering sacrifices of our unsung heroes

    One of the most important, but most difficult things we can do as Airmen is ensure our "unsung heroes" receive proper recognition. It's easy to identify and pile glory on the troubleshooter who's out in front, saving the day. It's harder to find and honor the trouble-preventers who toil behind the scenes, working hard and smart, to prevent trouble
  • 18th Wing Commander: Don’t drop the crystal ball

    I recently attended a briefing given by the Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, General Kevin Chilton, where he discussed the recent nuclear incidents. He compared the numerous Air Force missions to a juggler trying to keep balls in the air. He said the Air Force is juggling a lot of balls, but only one of those balls is crystal. The crystal ball
  • Education key to Airmen personal growth

    As a commander, one of my personal "foot-stompers" is education. I will take any chance I can to encourage Airmen to further their formal education, fully aware of the question, "how does going to school make me a better Airman?" During the American Revolution, General Washington assigned a Prussian military man, Friedrich von Steuben, the task of
  • Providing leadership in an IT world

    In the world of emails, text messaging, Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, iPods, and iPhones, interpersonal skills get rusty and sometimes forgotten. People email their co-workers (even in the same office) rather than speak to them! The iLeaders of today and tomorrow must keep their interpersonal skills sharp. Think about it, of all the great leaders you
  • Giving thanks to military spouses

    On May 9, Military Spouse Day was observed nationwide to honor the sacrifices made by spouses of military personnel. While having a special day each year to recognize spouses is admirable, these unsung heroes of our military deserve our thanks every day. The media has finally begun to bring to light the huge burdens our spouses shoulder while we
  • Motivation through sense of purpose

    Our mission to ensure air superiority is clear, but not everyone sees how they fit into the process. It is up to every Air Force leader, anyone who is a supervisor, to ensure people working in their unit understand the role they play in accomplishing the larger mission. Everyone needs to know how their job is important in fulfilling the unit's
  • Teaching: seize the moment

    How long have you been out of school? For some it's just a couple of months, while others have been out of school longer than some of us have been alive. I've been out of school for a while, but a day doesn't go by without me learning something. I attribute it to one of my teachers who once said, "We're all teachers of some kind. We're always