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  • 33rd HMU ensures aircraft are ready to deploy

    HH-60G Pave Hawk aircrews from the 33rd Rescue Squadron count on their maintainers for both their lives and the lives of those they rescue.
  • From Sunset to Araha

    Volunteers from the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and the U.S. Air Force cleaned up a mile stretch of beach on Okinawa Oct. 9, 2016, as part of a beach cleanup to build partnerships while giving back to the Okinawan community. Together, more than 40 people from Naha Air Base and Kadena Air Base military members and their families picked up more than 20 bags worth of trash and debris from both Araha and Sunset Beach.
  • Rising up

    Kenichi Shimajiri, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron fire inspector, rose in the ranks from the role of a firefighter to 18th CES fire inspector.
  • What happens when someone is accused of sexual assault?

    U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Albert Perez Oyola, 18th Wing Legal Office NCO in charge of Military Justice talks about the steps involved in a sexual assault case.What is the first thing that happens when someone gets accused of sexual assault?The Air Force Office of Special Investigations initiates a full investigation on the sexual assault
  • Exercising Precision: 18th CMS TMDE sets the standard

    Does it matter if a wrench is used at 69 or 89 degrees Fahrenheit?To the Airmen of the 18th Component Maintenance Squadron precision measurement equipment laboratory, it does; it's the difference between mission success and mission failure. By calibrating and repairing measurement and diagnostic equipment, the shop's mission is to provide customers
  • Shots Fired! CATM trains Defenders for deployments

    Wearing flack vests and helmets, adrenaline pulsing through their bodies, security forces Airmen concentrated on one thing: firing multiple rounds directly into the target as quickly and accurately as possible.One day their life, or the life of a fellow Airman, may depend on these warfighting reflexes."Our main responsibility is to safely qualify
  • Victim advocates: standing by 24/7

    To say the least, the road to recovery from a sexual assault can seem like an unsurpassable burden for the victim.Not only are survivors left feeling violated, frightened and damaged from the attack, but the support process can seem daunting as well. In order to guide them through the helping agencies that are there to aid them after an assault,
  • Air Force special purpose vehicle maintenance helps keep birds in the sky

    The special purpose vehicles shop on Kadena Air Base is responsible for vehicles that help put planes in the air."We deal a lot in flight line vehicles; like aircraft towing vehicles, anything big with hydraulics, we work on it," said Staff Sgt. Randy Johnson, the assistant NCO in charge of the special vehicle maintenance shop with the 18th
  • 18th SFS works hand-in-paw for defense of Kadena

    Military Working Dog handlers play a critical part in the defense of Kadena.This defense can only be maintained when there is a healthy relationship between a MWD handler and their dog.The mission is accomplished through teamwork and the bond between a handler and their MWD."Without that bond, you're not going to have a good dog team," said Staff
  • Women's History Month spotlight: 1st Lt. Brittany Trimble

    Started in 1987, Women's History Month is a time not only where we celebrate female role models and historical figures, but it is also a time where we honor women in public service and government who have inspired those around them.Sir Arthur Kent once said, "The course of human history is determined, not by what happens in the skies, but by what