If your question relates specifically to Kadena Air Base, please see the questions below. If you have a question which is not addressed here, you may find the answer by visiting the Questions page of Air Force Link. For general military questions, please refer to the Department of Defense's FAQs page.


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How can I find out more about Air Force Careers?

To get more information about careers, opportunities and benefits the Air Force has to offer, visit the U.S Air Force Recruiting Service Web site here

Interested in becoming an Air Force Officer? There are several options available. 

1. Obtain an appointment to the Air Force Academy .
2. Join the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) in the college you attend. 
3. Enlist in the Air Force after graduating from college and attend the Officer Training School (OTS) to win your Air Force commission.

 How can I obtain information on Air Force Leaders?

The Air Force maintains a comprehensive list of active and retired General Officers, civilians, and Chief Master Sergeants of the Air Force. Visit the Air Force Link Leaders Web page here.

 Is there a list of Web sites of U.S. Air Force Bases?

Visit the alphabetical listing of U.S. Air Force Web Sites here.

How do I locate a person who worked at Kadena many years ago?

Try the Air Force World Wide Locator. It's used to find people still in the Air Force. However, if the person is no longer working for the Air Force, the Locator will not be of use. The Locator provides background on the service and instructions for its use.