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Visiting Kadena Air Base

Whether visiting for work, friends or family, the 18th Security Forces Squadron Visitor Control Center, located at the entrance of Kadena's Gate 1, should be the first stop for those needing access to the base. Handling everything from visitors passes to restricted area badges, the Airmen working at the VCC want to be of service. To save time and unnecessary trips, this page is dedicated to outlining all the appropriate paperwork needed for different types of passes, badges and permits.

Status of Forces Agreement Permits

A Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) Permit stands as a contract of sorts between the Government of Japan and the United States allowing licensed military members, DoD civilians and their families to drive while stationed in Japan. The Schilling Community Center provides the required courses for both currently licensed drivers and family members that may not have a stateside license or SOFA Permit yet. For more information on the initial licensing requirements, please visit the Schilling Community Center on Kadena. For all other SOFA related inquiries, review the below links.

  • *USMC/US Army personnel must contact Marine Corps Base Safety/DSN: 645-3369 and US Navy Personnel need to contact CFAO/DSN: 634-8212 for their respective SOFA Permit issues.
  • Valid state side Driver’s license/Certificate from Schilling Center (MUST BE ON PERSON AT ALL TIMES WHEN DRIVING)
  • Orders/SURF for Military Members / Dependents
  • Letter of Employment for Civilians (We DO NOT use the date on your CAC)   
  • Military/Dependent/Contractor Identification (Base ID)
  • Motorcycle endorsement letter (ORA from 18 WG/Safety) required if getting motorcycle permit   
  • For first time issue, all personnel must register between 0700 - 0800 every Wednesday (except Federal Holidays) at the Schilling Community Center, and attend the Wing Safety Briefing at 1230 on the same day at the same location.    
  • Receipt from drivers class at the Schilling Center
  • Sponsors orders/LOE
  • Dependent ID
  • Once class is passed, bring certificate along with the above documents to receive On Base Learners Permit
  • Student must be present    
  • Provide a memorandum from unit’s First Sergeant (supervisor if civilian/contractor) stating the license was lost, stolen, or revoked
  • Motorcycle endorsement letter (ORA from 18 WG/Safety) required if getting a motorcycle permit
  • Orders/LOE stating your DEROS (We DO NOT use the date on your common access card)
  • Valid state side Driver’s License/Certificate from Schilling Center (MUST BE ON PERSON AT ALL TIMES WHEN DRIVING)

Restricted Area Badge Info

There are several types of Restricted Area Badges (RABs). Each badge is tied to an individual person and is required when entering certain areas within buildings, the flightline or munitions storage areas. For information and forms, check the below links and select the option best suited for you.

  • CAC
  • Hand carried AF Form 2586, also must be signed and uploaded to the SharePoint.
  • Individuals will need to fill out AF Form 1168 (Statement) at BLDG 705 (Security Forces Squadron)
  • Unit Security Manager and individual must fill out a "Lost Restricted Area Badge" Memorandum for lost or stolen badges
  • Hand carried new and old AF Form 2586
  • New 2586 must be uploaded to SharePoint
  • If a missing RAB is found, turn in to Gate 1 VCC
  • Hand carried newly signed AF Form 2586 and uploaded on to SharePoint
  • Hand carried old AF Form 2586 for your old RAB
  • Old RAB
  • 3 duty days prior to final out
  • Hand carried signed AF Form 2586 or Lost AF Form 2586 Memo
  • RAB in hand
  • New AF Form 2586 uploaded to SharePoint
  • New & Old AF Form 2586 hand carried
  • Mutilated/Old RAB
  • CAC


Citizens from the following restricted countries must receive approval from the instillation commander prior to escorted access being granted:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia, Herzegovina, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Occupied Palestine Territory, Qatar, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria Arab Republic, Taiwan (ROC), Tajikistan, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Yemen

Requests for Unescorted Access will not be accepted

To acquire approval, submit a TCN Pass Request through Gate 1 Pass and Registration Office using the TCN Application Packet.

To receive the TCN Application, please email 18sfs.s5.passidoffice@us.af.mil or call 634-3437.


Contact Us

Bldg. 31 (Kadena AB Gate 1)

DSN: 315-634-3437

Please direct all pass requests to our organization email:



Mon-Fri 0730-1600

Closed at 12:00 the last Thursday of the month for training.

Closed all Federal Holidays and most Family Days. Please call to verify availability on Family Days.


04 February 2019

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