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  • National Prayer Breakfast: preparing for next month's ORI

    Survive and thrive...getting ready for the Operational Readiness Inspection was the theme for the National Prayer Breakfast held at the Rocker NCO club here Feb. 22. Organizations gathered to be spiritually uplifted and offer prayers for the nation, plus something a little closer to home --

  • Survey to help determine Cost of Living Allowance

    Service members with dependants assigned to Okinawa longer than three months will be required to participate in a Living Pattern Survey in March to determine if people need more or less Cost of Living Allowance in their paychecks. The LPS is sponsored by the Per Diem Travel and Transportation

  • Legendary pilot pays a visit to Kadena

    A surviving pilot of a legendary aviator group spoke at the Rocker NCO Club Monday of a group of determined black men at the forefront of historic social change during World War II. Retired Lt. Col. Charles W. Dryden was one of 992 Tuskegee Airmen who answered the call to serve his country at a time

  • Honor Guard; Not just an extra duty, it's a lifestyle

    TEN-HUT! Prepare for inspection! The entire honor guard flight moves as one with fluid precision. Standing motionless, every inch of their uniforms are scrutinized, their knowledge of drill and ceremonies tested. Some know only of these few elite Airmen as having an extra duty to perform, but they

  • 18th CMS to get new Precision Measurement Equipment Lab

    Precision is the key to mission success for one Kadena Air Base unit and that carries over to the very building they use. The 18th Component Maintenance Squadron Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory will get a new facility in July designed to meet their "precise" working environment. PMEL's

  • End of runway checks ensure safe flying

    A small group of Airmen with the 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron spend 12 hours a day at the end of the runway here for one primary purpose--to ensure F-15 Eagles get one final checkup before take off. Even with Kadena Air Base in the middle of a local operational readiness exercise, these Airmen

  • Kadena, Japanese fire departments team for joint exercise

    The 18th Wing Civil Engineer fire department joined forces with the Nirai department in a joint hazardous material exercise Thursday. The two fire departments conduct these joint exercises occasionally in order to further develop the cooperation and teamwork necessary to combat any type of fire or

  • Forecasters, pilots partner for mission success

    An armada of aircraft is one of the elements that makes the 18th Wing the largest combat wing in the Air Force and a provider of unmatched air superiority in the Pacific. But none of those aircraft can get off the ground without knowing about a critical piece of information...the weather. The task

  • The club that keeps on giving

    For one Kadena Air Base organization, "service" is not just a buzz word. It's a mission... and the proof is in the numbers. The Kadena Officers' Spouses' Club, a non-profit organization with nearly 170 members, donated more than $180,000 for the welfare of American and Okinawan communities last

  • Civilians add stability during emergencies

    Airmen here are fighting the base during this week's local operational readiness exercise Beverly High 08-04 and a special group of civilians is right alongside them contributing to the mission. These civilians, categorized as "Emergency Essential," stay with military forces even if a non-combatant

  • Keeping our canine protectors safe

    The protective gas mask used in local operational response exercises like Beverly High 08-4 is very effective in a chemical environment for most Team Kadena members, but its design leaves some unprotected. One group at the 18th Security Forces is preparing in a different way to handle the

  • Feature -- A day in the secret life of the IG

    As a sharp noise cuts through the fog of sleep, he turns over and hits the button to turn off the alarm clock. The clock reads 3 a.m. and despite his weariness Maj. Jason Settle pulls himself out of bed to prepare for the day ahead, starting with his morning prayer. As he eats a bowl of cereal, he

  • Japanese organization honors Kadena NCO for bringing Airmen together

    A Kadena Air Base senior noncommissioned officer received a unique award recently for his work enhancing cooperation and friendship with the Japan Air Self Defense Force. Senior Master Sgt. Kenneth Trawick, 18th Wing AFSO 21 process manager, was recognized in a ceremony Feb. 8 by the Japan-American