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  • Jimmy Schwartz Golf Tournament raises money for Kadena Special Olympics

    Distinguished members of the Okinawan communities came together to raise over $10,000 for the Kadena Special Olympics during the Jimmy Schwartz Golf Tournament held May 5th. This fundraiser was one of many that will be held throughout the year to provide the funds necessary to offset expenses

  • Kadena Shoguns practice their “mobility machine”

    Kadena Airmen are experiencing a new dimension of training during Beverly High 09-2 from May 11-15. Over the past several exercises, the 18th Wing practiced fighting in place [from Kadena] and receiving other forces into Kadena. This exercise practices the possibility the wing may deploy to another

  • Kadena celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

    The month of May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and here at Kadena, Airmen will reflect upon the historical contributions these cultures bring to American society. Originally a week-long commemoration passed by Congress in 1978, the celebration was expanded further in 1990 and permanently

  • Commentary: How to take an inspection

    Having weathered a few compliance inspections over the years--as both inspected and inspector--I'd like to pass along a few lessons. I'm sure they will reflect my maintenance background, but the concepts are basic to everyone. Some of these are simple and obvious, but are often things that we

  • Military Spouse Day May 7

    Thanks Spouses! In 1984, President Reagan established Military Spouse Day to honor the contributions of our military spouses. Military Spouse Day is the Friday prior to Mother's Day so it is May 8th this year. I bet that even President Reagan did not anticipate the sacrifices our spouses would be

  • Mission accomplishment

    "Why did the skeleton NOT cross the road?" Laughter is a great stress relief and keeps morale high. But when jokes become unprofessional, it can tear down morale and make work an uncomfortable place. So, how do you know if you are helping or hurting? Know Air Force policy and follow it. Many jokes

  • Explosive ordnance disposal chosen Air Force Team of the year

    The Explosive Ordnance Disposal career field was named Air Force Team of the year for 2009 for placing their lives on the line each day to protect others. The honor was bestowed on them by the Air Force Association, on recommendation from the Air Force's most senior enlisted leaders. Airmen from the

  • Pacific Air Forces advises Airmen on flu

    Pacific Air Forces officials are urging Airmen, civilian personnel and family members to practice good health habits to help prevent the spread of H1N1. "The key to avoiding this is to practice good hand washing and basic public health measures," said Col. Sean Murphy, PACAF command surgeon general.

  • Kadena’s new enlistees get a taste of Basic Training

    Kadena's new Air Force enlistees got a taste of Basic Military Training here April 25th to help prepare them before shipping off to the real deal. The new program provided the 20 Delayed Enlistment Program recruits with a realistic look at what a normal day at BMT will be like. The recruits' day

  • H1N1 flu information

    In response to the human cases of H1N1 Flu, military preventive medicine and public health officials across the island continue to meet in a joint working group to discuss preventive measures. At this time, the criteria for screening people for H1N1 virus are a. Fever (greater than 100°F or 37.8°C)

  • The 18th CEG leads award-winning unit

    Every civil engineer unit thinks they are the best, but only one can say 'they are the best' - when they are awarded the coveted Society of American Military Engineers Curtin Award. This year the 18th Civil Engineer Group earned that honor. A small group of representatives and Brig. Gen. Brett

  • Drivers reminded to pay road tax

    Department of Defense employees on Okinawa must pay the annual Japanese road use fees commonly referred to as "road tax" in May. Kadena drivers can make road tax payments between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. May 18 to 22 at the base theater. Road tax fees will be assessed on approximately 28,000

  • Kadena recognizes its’ outstanding volunteers

    Kadena honored its volunteers at the Rocker NCO Club during the annual volunteer recognition ceremony April 23. The ceremony recognized nominees in the various categories for the Angel and Volunteer Excellence Awards as well as awarded a Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. The ceremony