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  • Center opens to help Team Kadena with taxes

    The Kadena Tax Center will open Jan. 28 to assist Team Kadena members with their federal and state income taxes free of charge. The tax center will also help with taxes for home childcare providers but are unable to assist with business taxes. The tax center opened Jan. 24 for military members E-4 and below, and will open for all others Jan. 28.
  • Kadena receives a new school

    A $23 million project funded by the Government of Japan will be completed by April 30 and will benefit students attending middle school here. The new Ryukyu Middle School will be one of three schools on-island to make space for sixth-graders at the middle school level. "The middle school is 95 percent complete," said Kim Crawford, 718th Civil
  • Helping keep Kadena safe

    There's an old adage that says 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,' and here at Kadena the 18th Aerospace Medical Squadron, Bioenvironmental Engineering flight is all about prevention. The members of the Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight handle a number of jobs that include Occupational Health and Safety, environmental protection
  • Recycle, save the environment

    Saving the environment seems to be on the forefront of everyone's mind. Al Gore, won the Nobel Peace Prize with his "An Inconvenient Truth" film, and Leonardo DiCaprio produced a film called "The 11th Hour" in hopes of making people aware of the impact they have on the environment. Kadena housing residents have been doing their part in protecting
  • Kadena’s Eagles back in business

    The F-15 Eagles are once again soaring through the skies of the Pacific maintaining peace and stability in the Pacific. After a two-month maintenance stand down, the 44th and 67th Fighter Squadrons are focused on getting their pilots back in the air and mission ready to conduct operations throughout the region. "It's a good chance for us today to
  • An exercise in feeding the fight

    They say that an Army travels on its stomach, and so does the Air Force, especially as they practice their wartime mission. Members of the 18th Services Squadron worked diligently during this week's Local Operational Readiness Exercise to help keep the troops well fed and motivated. Dining facilities here were open throughout the week to provide a
  • Team Kadena begins new year with a bang

    Team Kadena welcomed the New Year with a bang with Local Operational Readiness Exercise Beverly High 08-3. This week's exercise tested the Wing's ability to survive and operate in a combat environment while receiving and deploying forces. "Starting out in '08, obviously the big thing is that we are closer to the Operational Readiness Inspection,"
  • Kadena Eagles to return to flight

    The skies above Kadena Air Base are about to say hello to some old friends. Thirty-nine of Kadena's F-15C and D model aircraft have been cleared to fly again after remaining on the ground for more than two months as a result of a fleetwide stand-down. The order to resume flight operations came from the commander of Pacific Air Forces, Gen. Carrol
  • Staying alive

  • EOC proves vital in BH 08-3

    The Emergency Operations Center proved to be as important to 18th Wing Operations during Local Operational Readiness Exercise Beverly High 08-03 as the heart is to the human body. As the exercise tests Team Kadena's ability to survive and operate in a wartime environment, it's the base EOC team that controls just how effectively the base is able to