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  • Kadena senior NCO model of KSO volunteerism

    As rain clouds began to dissipate and the sun began to shine, the sound of cheers could be heard blocks away from Kadena's Risner Fitness Center Nov. 2. The day had finally come--the 14th Annual Kadena Special Olympics was about to begin. Armed with a hand radio and a cell phone, Senior Master Sgt.

  • Kadena's 14 years of Special Olympics

    Kadena has been hosting Special Olympics for more than a decade, bringing athletes, families and the community together annually.Nov. 2 will be the 14th Kadena Special Olympics where approximately 846 athletes, 500 artists, and 1,700 volunteers are anticipated to participate in a day dedicated to

  • 18th OSS keeps aircraft safe during typhoon season

    In the Pacific Theater, typhoons come and go between the months of May and November, causing aircraft to be evacuated to minimize damage and still support Kadena's mission. The 18th Operations Support Squadron works with other flying squadrons in order to coordinate locations and evacuation

  • Energy Action Month: I am Air Force Energy

    Summer has left and autumn has come, marking the beginning of the Air Force's Energy Action Month, "I am Air Force Energy." Similar to years prior, the Air Force is aiming to become more environmentally and economically efficient, each year improving from the last.Fuel and electricity now make up

  • Fire Prevention Week: Prevent Kitchen Fires

    Fire Prevention Week is observed nation-wide, as well as Pacific Air Forces, from Oct. 6-12.We all have busy schedules and many demands on our time. When cooking, these various demands can collide. How often have you been interrupted by a child, a pet or something else while cooking and had to step

  • Turning wrenches 'so that others may live'

    "Nothing makes me happier than when I see these blades spin and the helicopter take off," said Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Kopplin, 33rd Expeditionary Helicopter Maintenance Unit lead flying helicopter crew chief. "Knowing I worked on it. Knowing that Airmen that I lead have worked on it. Knowing that we

  • X marks the spot for Kadena's Ironman

    The petite, blonde woman raised her hands and gave a victorious shout as she crossed the finish line for another grueling triathlon. The inaugural Ironman triathlon in Louisville, Ky. - "Ironman Louisville" - is a 140.6 mile race that included a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a 26.2-mile

  • Kadena baseball team comes out swinging

    There was a time on Kadena Air Base when watching a "ball game" meant supporting the squadron's softball team or watching youth games. That cultural aspect is about to change as Kadena's first varsity baseball team prepares to make a name for itself as it competes against others in Okinawa and the

  • Keeping Pacific warriors fit for the fight

    Performing environmental, safety and occupational health risk assessments and consultations, one Kadena unit's job is to keep Air Force warriors mission-ready by keeping them healthy. Detachment 3 Air Force Institute for Operational Health, the only unit of its type in the Pacific Command area,

  • Small Kadena unit has big Air Force job

    When it comes to supporting the 18th Wing's flight training mission, one small Kadena unit has a big job. With only 30 members and comprised mostly of weapons directors and radar technicians, the 623rd Air Control Flight is headquartered on Kadena under the 18th Operations Group, but conducts its