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  • Battle of Iwo Jima approaches 70

    The year was 1945 and war was waging in the Pacific.More than 20,000 Japanese soldiers inhabited a small volcanic island about 750 miles south of mainland Japan, known as Iwo Jima. Its strategic location and two airfields was an invaluable asset needed by the Allied forces to help end World War

  • New Year Extreme Fitness Challenge offers path to health

    How badly do you want to lose? Weight, that is.I wouldn't mind losing a few (OK, maybe more than a few) pounds, so I was literally the first person to sign up for the 2015 New Year Extreme Fitness Challenge that kicked off Jan. 5.Conducted annually by the 18th Aerospace Medicine Squadron's Health

  • Kadena Airmen visit Iwo To

    A clump of damp sand is gripped in the hands of an Airman on the coast of Iwo To island. He places it into a Ziploc bag for safekeeping. It will forever be a reminder of a historic battle  fought on these grounds, once known as Iwo Jima.About a dozen others are doing the same. They are Airmen

  • Shaking off the winter blues

    The holidays are a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate traditions as they enter a new year, but that's not always the case when they're 10,000 miles away from home.While the winter season bears long weekends and many forms of annual customs, it also carries other elements that

  • Tale of two athletes

    This is the story of two of this year's Kadena Special Olympics returning athletes, Fumie Nakamura and Ty Murdock.The 15th annual KSO is set to take place on Nov. 8. The one-day sporting event will host nearly 1,000 special needs athletes and artists participating in a day of competition, music and

  • Why is fluoride important to you?

    Did you know that every time you eat or drink something, your teeth undergo a very complex process?Throughout the day, it is natural for your teeth to constantly mineralize and demineralize. You can think of this process as your enamel becoming harder or softer. Although this is a natural process,

  • 733rd AMS: The combat readiness flight

    (Editor's note: This is the third and final installment of a series on the 733rd Air Mobility Squadron.)With the responsibility of the entire squadron on their shoulders, the combat readiness flight plays a crucial role in the Kadena and Air Force mission.The combat readiness flight of the 733rd Air

  • Kadena's 733rd: The maintenance section

    (Editor's note: This is the first installment of a three-part series on the 733rd Air Mobility Squadron.)Maintainers are a crucial part of the Air Force, working long days and nights in every type of weather imaginable to make sure all of the aircraft are always mission ready. The 733rd Air Mobility

  • Beautiful pain: A Kadena Airman's story of resiliency

    We all have dreams when we are younger, whether that is going to space or going back to college, they take hard work and dedication. For Staff Sgt. John D. Music, 18th Maintenance Group, maintenance operations center board controller, his dream was to run across the Golden Gate Bridge. Fifteen years

  • CMS NCO gets creative

    Enlisting in the Air Force and being thrust into a job with little hands-on experience is a familiar situation to most Airmen today. Although there are plenty of opportunities for Airmen to pursue their interests, not everyone is able to incorporate their passions into their day-to-day work.However,