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  • 18th OSS AFE understands 'gravity' of parachutes

    A pararescueman leaps out of the aircraft intent on saving a life. He pulls the cord knowing the parachute will open and allow him to land safely.Every day people rely on lifesaving equipment to function properly with little time to sit and wonder what will happen if it fails.The Airmen from the

  • Kadena Honor Guard: Professional, respectful

    "Forward HARCH!" *chrrrrick, click, click, click, click* They march out on to the stage with their perfectly shined shoes, silver lining of the ceremonial dress blues running up their body. On stage with their faces stone-cold, eyes staring straight ahead from underneath the black visor of their

  • Kadena dragon boat racers make friends, build confidence

    Thirty-two people aboard a beautifully carved boat move in unison to the tempo set by a mallet striking a metal drum. Each time the drum sounds its command, two straight rows of people dig their oars into the water and pull backward with all their might. They are exhausted, they are wet and they are

  • Kadena’s Force Support Squadron wins three Air Force annual awards

    The 18th Force Support Squadron was recently honored with three Air Force Manpower, Personnel and Services annual awards.First, the Kadena Aero Club and Flight Training Center claimed the 2013 Air Force Aero Club Program of the Year award. Kadena's Aero Club is the only Federal Aviation

  • MWD: the road to certification

    A military working dog and his handler walk out onto the field after being instructed to perform two lefts, two rights, two about faces and two halts while marching. The handler commands his dog to sit, lie down, sit back up and stay, then walks away and repeats the commands. He commands the dog to

  • Managing your move

    With peak permanent change of station season fast approaching, it's important for service members and their families to stay up-to-date on general shipping restrictions, as well as considerations unique to overseas locations like Okinawa.The best resource for PCS information is the Transportation

  • OESC spreads holiday cheer through random acts of kindness

    A woman peruses the aisles of Camp Foster's commissary with her daughter during the holiday season, pushing a cart full of groceries toward the checkout counter. Before entering the checkout line, she pulls her cart off to the side and begins to look through her check book register to ensure she has

  • 18th OSS remembers fallen pilot, rededicates building

    The 18th Operations Support Squadron rededicated Cardin Hall, Bldg. 3382, Dec. 20 on Kadena Air Base, Japan, 30 years after it's initial naming. But, who was Cardin?In 1979, 18 F-15 Eagle aircraft flew from the United States to Okinawa, marking a historic day for the aircraft and the Air Force.

  • 12 tips for coping with stress, depression and the holidays

    Stress and depression can ruin your holidays and affect your health. Seeking support, being realistic and planning ahead can help ward off stress and depression. For some people, the holidays bring unwelcome guests -- stress and depression. And it's no wonder. In an effort to pull off a perfect

  • NDI: 'We are the last say'

    (Editor's note: This is the first feature article in a three-part series highlighting the Airmen and teams within the 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron and how they are essential to the mission of Kadena Air Base and the stability of the Asia-Pacific region.)The Air Force heavily relies on