Arrival on Island

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It is suggested you report to the Department of Defense Family Housing Office located on Kadena Air Base within three days of your arrival to Okinawa.  You or your sponsor can make an appointment by calling DSN 634-0582.  Otherwise walk-ins are welcome during business hours: 0800 - 1530 hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and 0800 - 1200 hours on Wednesdays.  Please bring: a copy of your orders, confirmed travel documents for all members listed in the orders, DD Form 1746 - application for assignment to housing, and AF Form 4422 - sex offender disclosure form with you. These documents are needed to place you on the waiting list. 

You and your family will attend an orientation housing briefing that provides information for both on and off-post residency.  Following this briefing, you will be scheduled to meet with an assignment counselor who will advise the current availability of on-post housing in your grade (rank) and entitlement (bedrooms).  If no homes are available on-post, you are then cleared to pursue off-post housing.






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