Animal Quarantine

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Dogs coming to Okinawa are subject to very strict control by the Government of Japan.  The quarantine process is a minimum of 6 months (180 days) and it is recommended you begin the process immediately.  A dog can serve the quarantine prior to arrival, but only if very strict conditions are met.  See the USA Vet Page for more information: click here for more information.

A dog can serve the quarantine duration on a military installation if the owner is assigned to military family housing and the pet will be restricted to an on-post family housing unit.  Since 1 in 3 families will be living off-post, please consider the risk associated with bringing a pet to the island before the quarantine process is completed.  Pets are not considered a factor when family housing assignments are made and you could be housed in the local community where quarantined animals are not allowed.  The expense of kenneling a pet on-post for the quarantine period can be EXTREMELY high. (minimum $25 per day)






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