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  • An American Airman

    As we serve this great Nation in the World's Best Air Force, the one constant through our Heritage is the "First Place" importance of PEOPLE. Some dismiss that as a worn cliché, but they don't live the experience...IT IS GROUND TRUTH! PEOPLE...AIRMEN, as we know them, take ownership of their Air Force and make it their own...remember the flight
  • Wing JA warns of alcohol, rape connection

    A young woman goes out to the bars on a Friday night with her friends and starts drinking alcoholic beverages and socializing. Shortly thereafter she is out on the dance floor with a guy she knows from work. Throughout the night, he buys her a few drinks and by the end of the night, they are both pretty intoxicated. They share a cab and return to
  • Veterans – Ambassadors for Life

    This past summer we dedicated the Atterbury Memorial Park and Pacific Legacy Pathway on Hickam Air Force Base as a tribute to the many Pacific Airmen who graced these skies over the last 90 years. As we celebrate Veterans Day, we honor not only the contributions of those enshrined throughout this memorial but also the contributions that you make
  • A warrior’s story supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom

    "The small arms fire was directed all around us and I did not return fire since we were being escorted by the M1117's armored security vehicle which had thermal sights...The rocket propelled grenade strike was behind me, in number seven, whereas I was ahead of it in number five with a "bobtail" (armored truck used for transporting trailers) between
  • Veterans Day...gratitude to those who serve

    As Veterans Day approaches, we will undoubtedly read numerous messages from our Department of Defense and Air Force leadership. These messages of gratitude for your service to our great country are well deserved. With the ongoing war on terror, the sacrifices made by all those in uniform have been greater than ever. I'd like to echo those thoughts
  • Just win, baby...but what does it mean to win?

    Politicians, executives, and coaches all talk about it, you can buy books about it, and motivational speakers make money teaching you how to do it. What is it, you ask? Winning! Recently, Tiger Woods joined the legions of pundits touting the positive effects of winning when approached about the FedEx Cup standings. When asked what he needed to do
  • The Air Force family taking care of each other

    I have been a member of the Air Force family for over 47 years. That family was there to take me to school when I missed the bus as a kindergartner and decided to walk the two miles to school instead of bothering my mom. There were four young Airmen, probably on their way to Vietnam, which entertained four young children and their mother when it
  • Hispanics, making a positive impact on America

    In September 1988, Congress proclaimed that the U.S. would celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month each year from Sept. 15 thru Oct. 15. The term Hispanic is defined as those with hereditary roots to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central or South America. It is a regional identification rather than one of race. Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated at this
  • Airmen, we have an opportunity...

    "Airmen, we have an opportunity..." My Airmen know that these five simple words often mean more work for them. The fact they readily accept the challenge is what sets them apart and makes a difference in our Air Force. We are all faced with daily obstacles and demands made upon us, stretched thin in both resources and manpower, and often are
  • No need for first sergeants

    I've always said and always will say, "There wouldn't be a need for first sergeants if first-line supervisors would do their supervisory duties." Just stop and think about this statement for a second. What is the difference between an involved first-line supervisor and a first sergeant? Both can make referrals to any base agencies: Life skills,