• How Many, What Type, and What Kind?

    Military Family Housing restricts the type and number of domesticated animals in each housing unit.  Department of Defense Policy prohibits the following breeds of dog in Military Family Housing: pit bulls, rottweilers, doberman pinschers and wolf hybrids, as well as any mix with these breed types.

  • Animal Quarantine

    Dogs coming to Okinawa are subject to very strict control by the Government of Japan.  The quarantine process is a minimum of 6 months (180 days) and it is recommended you begin the process immediately.  A dog can serve the quarantine prior to arrival, but only if very strict conditions are met. 

  • Getting on the Wait-List

    Advanced registration is possible, but your application date is not the date you are added to the wait-list. You are added to the wait list in accordance with AFI 36-6001, Family Housing Management. For nearly all members, advanced application means you are added to the wait list on the day you

  • Arrival on Island

    It is suggested you report to the Department of Defense Family Housing Office located on Kadena Air Base within three days of your arrival to Okinawa.  You or your sponsor can make an appointment by calling DSN 634-0582.  Otherwise walk-ins are welcome during business hours: 0800 - 1530 hours on

  • Housing Agencies

    The Department of Defense Military Family Housing Office also acts as guide for those families who need to find Community Housing.  We have a robust referral program with over 110 housing agencies that will assist you with finding a good match for your family.  It also helps to engage with your

  • What to Expect

    In agreement with the Government of Japan and United States Forces Japan, there are to be a maximum of 6,928 military family housing units on Okinawa.  The average population of accompanied Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen hovers around 8,500.  This means that approximately 25% of all families

  • Unaccompanied Personnel

    Each service component provides unaccompanied housing to their own population.  Unaccompanied personnel should work closely with their unit, sponsor, or family readiness officer to learn more about available on-post and off-post processes.

  • Civilians Live Off-Post

    Department of Defense Family Housing is assigned according to a priority system. Since there are not enough homes for all accompanied military families, on-post homes are not currently being offered to Department of Defense Civilians. The exception to this policy is placement on the Key and

  • Pride in Loanership

    Department of Defense Military Family Housing also provides furniture and appliances to military families.  Persons living in Military Family Housing (on-post) on full JTR (Joint Travel Regulation), will receive access to loaner furniture kits for up to 90 days at the start and 60 days at the end of

  • Housing Maintenance

    Phone Tree/Hours of Operations: Starting 7 Feb 2015 the Housing Maintenance Service Call hours of operation are 0630-2330 until typhoon season in June. Only ememency service work orders will be taken by phone between the hours of 2330-0630 on the 634-HOME option 5 phone number. All other work order






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